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-Basic reference verification

The basic reference verification service brings together the best practices of the United Nations system organizations to achieve the goal of securing staff of the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity. Through direct interaction with the employers, academic institutions and referees including supervisors, the OneHR ensures the accuracy, reliability and integrity of the results. 

Employment record verification

The employment history of job applicants for the last ten years, including the employers, job titles, and dates of employment is verified directly with the employers.

Information on the reason for separation is also sought from the employers in case of misconduct, unsatisfactory performance, abandonment of position or resignation during investigation of misconduct or disciplinary process.

Academic degree verification

The degrees listed in job applications, at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate level or equivalent, are verified directly with the academic institutions including the accreditation status of the institutions and level of degrees.

Qualitative reference verification

A minimum of three references are secured from supervisors and other professional referees on the integrated knowledge, workplace performance, behavioral skills, technical competencies, and ethical values.

In addition to the standardized questionnaire, feedback may also be sought on the job-specific requirements.

Clear Check

For former UN personnel, verification against the following United Nations databases:

Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA)

Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Security Council Sanctions List

-Standard work flow

1. Review of application & matching against internal databases

OneHR reviews PHP/P11/CV to determine information to be verified. Requests for matching against internal databases is automatically completed

2. Contact academic institutions, previous employers, professional references

OneHR establishes contact with the academic institutions, previous employers and professional references in collaboration with the candidate. OneHR customizes the questionnaire for qualitative references to include any job-specific requirements, upon request of hiring unit.

3. WHED/UNESCO database and employment history verification

OneHR verifies the claimed degree against the WHED/UNESCO database or the Ministry of Higher Education of the respective country, as applicable, to ensure the accreditation status of the university. OneHR further verifies the level of the degree, employment history and completion of qualitative reference checks.

4. Candidate report delivered to client

Comprehensive candidate report is delivered to client and stored in a candidate database to serve as a backbone for future reference verifications.

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